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01:02 pm:

So I adopted SadieMae and gave her probably the very first Yule she has ever had. We have kept her in the house and have been patient and slowly potty training her. She has taken some time, as we have to be extremely careful with her. This wonderful animal was horribly abused and I cannot even stand to think of what she has endured at the hands of man. If someone just stands up in a room, she cowers, hides and starts shaking. She was just terrified when we got her home.

SadieMae was taken to get spayed on the 30th. That upset me and her both. I thought I was just going to die having to leave her there all day. She looked at me like “oh no, what did I do wrong for you to bring me back here?” The cages and other dogs barking just horrified her. I tried to explain that I was so sorry but that I promised to be back for her. Pick-up was 3pm-5pm and I was there at exactly 3pm. She was drugged but wagged her tail when she saw me. She could not drag herself out of the cage, so I crawled into it with her and kissed her a million times. I scooped her up and carried her to the car. She was well babied for days, carried out to pee and poop and carried back in. She lost so much weight those few days from not eating. Her appetite is back now and she slowly recovered.
During this time, I started taking her outside to sit beside me without her leash on. I gradually let this grow to letting her walk out the door beside us and I walked with her to her favorite bathroom spots and then back to the house. Eventually I got to where I would sit out in the field with her without the leash and just love each other. She has done very well.

Her potty training has went well, she will hold it sometimes for 12 hours until we get home to go out to do her business. She is eating well and the medication appears to have gotten rid of the worms she had. She has started putting on weight and is just beautiful. When I get home from work she turns into Mrs. I won’t take no for an answer lap dog. She crawls up into my lap, all 45 pounds of her and gives me my first evening bath. She will just lay there and enjoy the attention. Then she alternates between me and Chris. She is still pretty scared of him, will cower and hide when he moves and you would not believe the terror if he has a lantern in his hand. She will not enter the door until he hides it. We can let her out to do her business now and she will go for it and then come back to the door, but ONLY the door she went out, never to another door even if she is called.

Nights are best. Sometimes she will try to sleep on the couch, most times she just goes to bed with me. If she started on the couch I will feel her ease up on the bed in the middle of the night. She comes over to my side of the bed and lets me know she is there. I let her under the cover and we just cuddle up close to each other. She thanks me….over and over….and over, until I just tell her I love her and that is enough. She is just perfect to me.

She still has a lot of training to do when she is more at ease. She has started playing some and has even shown some protective qualities, when she growled at my reflection in the window because she thought someone was outside coming towards me. She gets a little over protective wanting Cletus to stay away from me at times, but we are working on that by not dividing them between us and showing both attention from each of us. Cletus is over protective as Chris, so that is something we will have to work on with both of them. 

I am thankful for her. She has brightened my life and I am so fortunate I was able to get her. I love her, she is a good dog, she is a perfect fit in our family and when I kiss that soft area of her droopy lab lip and hear her sigh….my heart smiles.


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Date:January 9th, 2009 09:34 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you are both getting spoiled to death! I'm glad for you.
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