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17 March 1962
Athens, Tennessee, United States
Lost Creek Witch
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McMinn Central High School - Englewood TN (1975 - 1979)
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I am just a normal, rather boring, plain country girl who loves my few friends dearly and my family even more. I have two daughters, three grandkids, a small farm, a worthless hound dog, a lab'pit mix I recently adopted from the shelter, 8 cats, about 50 chickens and a life I am well pleased with. We live with no electricity or indoor plumbing. We try to process all of our own foods, including meat. I have a fantastic fiance' that I hopefully will marry when our life gets less dramatic.

***This journal has been set to private/friends only. If you desire to be a part of my otherwise boring life, feel free to contact me with a friend's request. I hate I had to do this after all of these years.****
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