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10:55 am:
Fantastic Weekend....

Met onine friends, took a road trip with no directions, trained a dog, finsihed shopping and more... 

Absolutely wonderful weekend! Friday we got home and actually got to see our house before dark! The story came out in the paper on Friday and it was OK. They got a few things wrong, the spelling of my first name is Cyndi and she spelled it Cyndy. She also said we used a compressor and a nail gun and we did not, we tried but the generator was not big enough for the compressor, so we nailed every nail by hand. But other than that, the story was OK, other than me being quoted as saying “By golly”. ROFL, yeah that is something that you want to go in history as stating. LOL. It had a huge pic of the house with me and Chris on the front porch and a pic of me getting a bucket of water and one of Perrin coming out of the outhouse. They did mention Jimmy’s name and also his brother Don and that made us both very happy.


Saturday we got up and got ready to take Hazel to Marietta, GA to spend a week with her sister. We dropped SadieMae off at Amanda’s for her to babysit her all day. We just did not feel comfortable leaving her alone all day. Amanda was great to offer her time. Of course, Saturday had to be a rainy day. I was soaking wet before we even got up to the car. We had a decent trip down there and then discovered Hazel had no clue where her sister lived. I am amazed we found the house.


We then got the grand opportunity to meet up with a few people we have known on occultcorpus.com! We met Qaexl and Altrux and another guy that is a friend of theirs that I cannot remember his name for the life of me. Qaexl as the most adorable cat who actually fetches….yes, this cat will fetch like a dog. We all went to the Marietta Diner and had lunch/supper and man they just really do not have places like that here in East Tennessee. I was amazed! The food was delicious, the serving was HUGE….I took home enough leftovers for 2 more meals! The place was wonderful and I am glad it was suggested to us. We had a great conversation, I just ADORE Altrux. Chris and Qaexl talked about gaming…I think. LOL I had great conversation with Altrux about plucking chickens, recipes, skinning deer and such. I wish we could have stayed a lot longer, but we had to make the trip back home, pick up the dog and then get Lakota for a few days. It POURED rain almost all the way. It was foggy, nasty, dark and just horrible! The dude that was on his way to Jersey and decided to stop for the night….you made the right decision! Heading north on 75 was just a nightmare. So we had a GREAT day though and I look forward to getting back down there for another visit. And to all of the fine people of Marietta that had a blue Accent cutting you off, backing up on you at red lights and stopping at the last minute to get in other lanes, I apologize and forgive you for those nasty fingers you threw at me! LOL THANKS GUYS FOR A WONDERFUL TIME!


We got SadieMae and Lakota and got home about 9pm or so. We all slept great, SadieMae sleeps right beside me in bed at night. She is so sweet and is slowly getting use to a new home, family and lots of love. Sunday we had breakfast and left SadieMae in the house while we finished up the Yule shopping. We got home and Sadie had done great by herself in the house. NO DAMAGE! She did not even use the bathroom in the house as I anticipated she would. Midday I got a call to rescue an injured baby squirrel and we headed back out again. Once more, Sadie did very well in the house. This time I was actually able to make it up the driveway and for the first time in weeks we did not have to walk home! We got the squirrel settled and fed and I spent some time cleaning, knitting and loving on the dogs and cats. It turned cold, like instantly. One minute we were fine, the next a cold front came through, via the North Wind and man it got cold! We got a nice fire going and everyone cozied up and stayed warm. We did get back out to feed and water Hazel’s animals and take Don and Jonnie their gift. I got a call to pick up some pecans from a little old lady in town and she gave me a HUGE bag of pecans! We got home and settled and I sat on the couch with SadieMae and Cletus while Lakota and Chris played poker for a few hours. We ended up in bed a bit later than usual, I took SadieMae out before bed and she had her very first night of staying in and not having to get up and go to the bathroom!!!!! I am so excited for her. I did get up and take her out first thing and bless her heart she barely made it off the porch to pee. She has a 3 pee 2 crap ritual before bed and when she wakes up. ROFL! We stay outside for a good bit when it is time to go. But I was thrilled she was able to sleep all night and did not need to get up and go out.


This morning was so cold. I think it was about 20 degrees or so. I have to work today and then I am off until January 2nd! We plan to work on the ceiling and a few other things. I want to get as much done on the house as we can while I am off work, but I do have a mountain trip planned. So that was the weekend on the homestead! I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!


Date:December 23rd, 2008 11:49 am (UTC)
I hope your time off is brilliant, relaxing and fun!
Happy belated Yule - and merry Christmas. :o)
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